New Beginnings

It’s been over a month since the last time I posted and I apologize wait. To be honest, I’m pretty sure no one reads these posts and I have, therefore, left no one waiting. I’m actually not positive why I’m writing this post, but alas my fingers keep pounding away at my keyboard.

I have plans to launch a new blog at the end of January. This one will have color and pictures and all the necessary requirements of a blog. As an added bonus, it will even have interesting content. I will be coauthoring the site with one my old roommates. We will be providing tips, tricks and stories or surviving your early 20s. We have high hopes so stay tuned.

November marked a month of progress for me. I launched a website/portfolio of my work. If you’re interested in seeing it, you can find it at I haven’t updated it or gone through and edited all the things my friends caught and suggested yet, but just launching the site by the deadline I set for myself was a huge step. Eventually those changes will be made and I also have plans to update my resume. One thing at a time.

I started an Instagram account and have even posted a couple of times in an effort to have a presence on every social media platform. My hope is when I start looking for a new job, these platforms will be a stepping stone into the social media positions that have been drawing my attention lately.

In other news, I officially own a Nikon d3200 SLR camera. Her name is Nikki and she’s beautiful. Due to the timing of when I received, I still haven’t had time to use her a ton or experiment all that much. However, I’ve been using her a little bit more and I’m very excited.

Fortunately for my self esteem I can’t think of too many mishaps that occurred in my life during the month of November. Now, that could very well be because I repressed them. In fact, there was an incident a few weeks ago where the fire department had to come out for a potential carbon monoxide threat. But we won’t get into that; this postis getting long as it is.

Next Wednesday I will start training for the local food pantry. I’m excited to get back to volunteering again. I’ll try to keep you updated on the daily struggles that is my life and the anticipated launch of my considerably more exciting blog.

From the desk of a rookie


Sword of Truth

In the three months I have been at my job I have learned a lot of things. In fact, my boss complimented me on my progress by giving me a raise. I found this incredibly exciting because now I am one steep closer to purchasing a camera. And yes, today I am wearing my big girl pants.

Two days ago I interviewed the man who is going to be the centerpiece of my quarterly magazine story. He is a professional black smith, fully trained pastor, full-time father and fencing instructor. In short, he is a Renaissance man.

Not surprisingly he was very interesting and easy to talk to. At the end of the interview he let me hold the sword and taught me a little about fencing. It was an all around fun experience and a bonus of my job.

As I got back into my car and pointed it toward home I found myself running through bits and pieces of the interview in my head. Some of the things he said about being a renaissance man really stuck with me and inspired me.

Now, don’t get me wrong I have no desire to start wielding a sword and forging tent stakes. It’s best I leave that for those less clumsy. However, I do have a renewed desire to start looking for new goals to achieve and improve on the things I do today, tomorrow.

I have not been tapping my full potential as much as I should be lately and it’s time to do so. It’s time to say no to the extra milky way and to be less selfish with my time.

It’s time for me to start training for that half marathon and call the Humane Society about the status of my volunteer application. Who knows, maybe I will even consider taking up fencing. I think I look pretty fierce with a sword.

From the desk of a rookie

The View from the Other Side

This blog was initially intended to be much more exciting and useful than what it is about to become. Originally I wanted to make this blog into a platform to provide answers to the questions we all have for the opposite sex. Is red lipstick cute?  What is the meaning behind this phrase or that look? Via interviews with both sexes I was going to answer these and similar questions while also acquiring new ones. I was excited about the idea and what I would find out.

But alas, this blog will now become a platform for me to express and dispel the trivial issues in my life. Lame, I know. I’ve just been feeling a little lost lately. Since relocating for my first “big girl” job and the dealing with the resulting adulthood I find myself questioning things I thought were already answered. This change in perspective is of higher relevancy in my life currently.

Maybe it’s the chaos that has ensured in the month since entering adulthood. I am a reporter in a small city and my very first real story involved me chasing down a street sweeper. As a runner, one would think this would be an easy feat. However, it is surprising how restricting and impossible nice clothes and shoes can make the simple action of running.When I finally flagged the guy down and interviewed him it turned out that he wasn’t the regular sweeper and so started the hunt of the regular sweeper which took almost two weeks. Bleh. Not surprisingly other stories came out before that one did and my first assignment almost became my first dead end. Live and learn I guess.

I’ve been learning a lot of things lately. People do not expect me to use my garage.

Sure it’s super old and is a sliding door with a padlock as opposed to an actual garage door, but the Captain (that’s my car, his full name is Captain Camry) likes being out of the elements. He hasn’t really had the opportunity.

Anyway, one morning as I’m leaving for work I suffer a small heart attack when my landlord scares the bejeezus out of me on my steps. I head to my car and she almost has me parked in. So much for getting to work early.

Don’t even get me started on how lost I got when I tried to go to church last Thursday.

Stay tuned if you wish to hear about the saga that is my life. If not, thanks for reading and have a wonderful day.

From the desk of a rookie